About Weeds

celebrating our 12th year

Weeds Telluride is a full service landscaping firm with over 10 years of experience working on properties across Colorado. We have a deep understanding of the demands high altitude put on plants and offer a variety of solutions for gardens big and small. Weeds works closely with you to create a landscaping plan that enhances the design of your home and captures your personal style. From start to finish, we provide our clients with a level of service that consistently surpasses their expectations. We deliver a product that is both affordable and sensible for the seasonal landscaping needs of Colorado's high altitude environment.

To achieve these goals, we strive to continually educate ourselves and our clients about gardening and forestry and our proud to say that our staff is the most knowledgeable in the business. All of our employees are trained by seasoned Weeds professionals and are encouraged to seek higher levels of certification in dendrology, natural resources, plant and soil sciences and water conservation technology. By using emergent technology in harmony with proven techniques, Weeds delivers a consistently superior product at a reasonable price.

A Sustainable Company

Our Commitment to beautiful gardens

Weeds Telluride was founded in 2004 with the simple goal of providing high quality, boutique gardening services at an affordable price. We strive to keep our carbon footprint small by focusing on hand gardening whenever possible, limiting our need for mechanical tooling. Since its inception, Weeds has expanded to become a full service landscaping company capable of moving and shaping land, the heart of our company is still focused on the human connection that exists between people and plants. Weeds Telluride has the power  to build the landscape of your dreams while reducing the impact on the environment. Furthermore, we use all natural fertilizers and work with a variety of local growers to ensure that our plants and soils are harmonious with the ecology of this special region.

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Suzanne Connelly

Weeds owner and founder

Suzanne Connelly moved to beautiful Telluride in 1993 after graduating Loyola University in New Orleans. After participating in a Master Gardener program and taking landscape design classes, she founded Weeds Telluride in 2004. This move started her career as the lead of one of Telluride's most successful and well-respected landscaping companies. 

She strives to learn each day. This, combined with her passion for the outdoors, creativity, physical activity and athletics makes managing Weeds Telluride the perfect job for Suzy. In her free time, she loves to ski and enjoys mushroom hunting to keep her grounded. After 23 years in Telluride, she has figured out how to be the ultimate ski bum... by creating beautiful gardens all summer and traveling and skiing all winter, she has mastered the work-play balance.